Talk to your child, let them talk to you. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Moochies kid's smart watch phone allows your child to make and receive calls from a parent controlled contact list. You decide who your child can call or be called by; granny and grandad yes, but no strangers.

Keep in touch with your child with text and voice messages.

The Moochies smart watch can receive voice, text & photo messages, as well as sending voice messages and photos. Using a parent controlled contact list, you and your child can quickly communicate without calling.

Two way video calling from the Moochies Watch and the MyMoochies App.

The Moochies phone watch can make and receive video calls between the watch and the MyMoochies App, adding an extra dimensions of fun.

Supplied with a Built-In Sim Card.

Your new Moochies phone watch comes with an inbuilt Sim Card and a range of competitive packages to choose from, all offer complete flexibility and no monthly contract. Click Here to view the Package Details. SMS is not required for the phone watch, since all text and video messages are sent using data.

Snap Happy Kids.

The Moochies Smartphone watch has a built in camera which allows your kids to take photos that they can then share with their loved ones.

Let your child play in the water without any worries.

The Moochies phone watch is fully waterproof up to a metre depth for 30 minutes, so your child can play in the water with confidence.

Customise your Moochies for a cool new look.

Moochies Smart Phone Watch has a range of coloured and striped interchangable straps.

Track your child at any time. Anywhere in the world.

Using the Moochies app, you can see your child’s location on a map at any time, anywhere in the world. Featuring full GPS Tracking, even if your kid is travelling overseas, you can still check their location.

Your Kids Security is our Highest Concern.

Your data and more importantly, your kid's data is safe with Moochies. Data is stored securely on our servers based in Sydney (for Australia customers) and London (for UK customers). All traffic between the MyMoochies App, our servers and your Moochies watch is secure, and sensitive data encrypted. Moochies complies with all mandatory safety and security standards in Australia and Europe.

Moochies doesn't disturb class times.

Set up times when Moochies can't receive calls to stop it disturbing school times, or being a distraction.

Keep track of how active your child is.

Know your kid’s steps through the Pedometer feature on your Moochies Smart Phone Watch, and easily set up goals for them to achieve.

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Make sure you child doesn't miss anything again.

Create and set up alarms, to easily remind your kids of specific events / duties.

Create Safe Zones to keep your child safe.

Make your home, school and any other places you want into Safe Zones and know immediately when your child leaves them.

Know if your child is in distress.

In an emergency your child can simply press a button to let you know they need help, and the watch automatically calls the emergency contact setup within the App.

Easily flick through the watch’s screen.

Intuitive touch screen displays allows kids to quickly and easily navigate through the menu options.

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