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SHIPS 23rd January



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Fantastic customer service

October 2018
My 9 year old daughter loves her Moochies watch - almost as much as her parents! - but the best thing about Moochies is the customer service and in particular Zainab. I've posted a couple of questions on their website and on both occasions Zainab got back to me within minutes! On the last occasion I had ordered a replacement strap and wanted to know how to get the old strap off and the new one on. Zainab recorded a short video demonstrating how to do it and sent it to me. Can't praise her enough.

Amazing customer service

October 2018
I recently bought 2 moochies watches for my kids and within a week the buckle came off both of them. I sent an email to moochie and within hours I recieved a reply from Mia, she helped me solve the problem very quickly! Very satisfied customer!! I wish every customer service was like this!

Great Product

October 2018
I was very satisfied with range and quality of the Moochie Watch, and particularly happy with the wonderful customer service from Mia at Moochies who helped me when I had a slight problem with the band on the watch, she was prompt and efficient and her service was excellent.

Mia was very helpful

September 2018
Pam H
Mia responded and helped when we had issues with set up, however a phone number for set up assistance / questions would have been handy.

Fantastic service !!!

September 2018
Absolutely blown away by the exceptional customer service we have received from Mia !!! So very helpful and pleasant to deal with thank is again Mia

Exelllent quality watch for my son! Excellent after sales service!

September 2018
A special thank you to Mia @ Moochies for addressing the issues we had with our son’s watch so quickly! Very professional and dedicated work you’ve put into fixing the problems we had with the watch! The call quality is now crystal clear just like a mobile phone. My son’s feedback on his watch is that it’s a much more comfortable fit than his previous watch which was a cheaper alternative. And he loves looking back at the no. Of steps he did over the day. It’s now a permanent fixture on his wrist!

Great customer service

September 2018
I have been delighted with the service received from Zainab whilst ordering my twin girls Moochie Watches. Zainab has been extremely helpful throughout!

My 7 year old daughter loves it!

September 2018
I ordered a Moochies watch for my 7 year old daughter's birthday. I had a bit of trouble setting it up but Mia in customer service was great. She took me through the steps and explained everything carefully to me whilst being extremely accommodating and cheery! A week ago my daughter broke the clasp on the strap and Mia replaced it free of charge, again she was a pleasure to deal with. My daughter loves her watch and now all her school friends want one. For me, it gives me peace of mind if im away from her and she needs to call me. Its allowed me to pick her up from kiss and drive as I can tell her where ill be an what time etc. It is very kid friendly and easy to use.

This is our second generation Moochies, I hope its as good as the first!

September 2018
Megan M
Just received our second generation Moochi (the first became redundant, it runs off 2G only). The first has been so wonderful, I really hope this is as good. We had set up problems but Mia resolved them with an extensive email. Now we shall start using it and see how it goes.

Great product for a child

August 2018
This Moochies watch was a 10th Birthday gift to my daughter. She absolutely loves it. She called me from school yesterday at lunchtime, what a lovely surprise. She knows how to use all of its functions and loves the ability to send photos and call me. Mia has been so helpful with all my enquiries while I was setting the watch up and has gone above and beyond to help me. She has been patient, professional and polite during my many emails. In the end my daughter and I are both very happy with this wonderful Moochie product. Highly recommend for children.

Zainab is my Wonder Woman

August 2018
Z. Fiteri
After searching around for weeks to find a gift for my 9 years old daughter, finally I found a real gift with perfect technology for kids - Moochies phone watch. Time running out as from the date I've ordered it's only 7 days to her birthday so I've paid for express delivery. After 2 days I still didn't received it. I've contacted sales support and here came Zainab. Found out from tracking that the courier service mixed up with delivery address which is hundreds of miles away. Zainab did the miracles, even got down to courier service to get it done right. She also made my express delivery charges refunded which I didn't expect to. Finally I received the watch 2 days before the big day. It's like you're about to drown and suddenly somebody grabbed your hand and saved you. The level of support with a prompt reply for Zainab, day and night in that 3 straight days, I can't get it anywhere else. Feel like she supports you alone whilst actually there's many others. Isn't it only Wonder Woman can do that? :-) Zainab, thank you so much. You saved me and will bring smiles to my little girl.

Excellent Customer Service

August 2018
Excellent service, extremely satisfied with the dealings with Mia and the customer service far exceeded my high expectations and request!!! Thank you for exceeding the typical customer service.

Exceptional Customer Service

August 2018
I bought two Moochies online and they arrived within a couple of days. I had some difficulties in seeing up and linking the watches to the App. Fortunately, Mia was there and promptly answered all my questions! She is so patient and guided me every sep, making the process painless and reassuring. Thank you Mia and Moochies Team!

Simply awesome

August 2018
Being technically challenge...I struggled to get the Watch to work... Mia turned my frustration (in myself) into joy as she was with me in every step helping me to solve my technical problems. She was so sweet and patient! The best customer service and now we have a watch which just works brilliantly. My son is super excited and feels safe that he can contact me whenever he needs to while I’m working. Can’t highly recommend this company enough

Great watch, awesome customer service

July 2018
A Campbell
I love knowing that my daughter can contact me whenever needs to. Every time I have asked a question Mia has always answered and solved any issue that I’ve had, her customer service has to be one of the best I have experienced.

Outstanding UK Customer Service (Zainab)

July 2018
I brought a Moochies watch and it arrived very quickly. I asked Zainab some questions about functionality and the responses were fast and very helpful. The watch developed an unusual issue with the battery but Zainab was brilliant, the watch was collected quickly and Zainab kept in regular contact. The replacement is on its way and I am very pleased with the outstanding customer service. Thank you Zainab.

Great customer service

July 2018
I bought a Moochies watch after having a terrible experience with a Bestie watch previously. To say that they (Zainab) are responsive, pleasant and knowledgeable is an understatement! Zainab has been amazing in helping out with any issues (all of which minor) I have had in setting the watch up. My son loves the watch too!

Best Thing Ever!! #LOVE

July 2018
So easy to use, my daughter absolutely loves this watch and does not want to take it off!

Customer service from Mia has been outstanding! Prompt with my queries and full of information! So happy with my purchase!

Where Were You All Our Kids Lives?!

July 2018
We ordered 2 Moochie watches for our 12 year old twins. They do alot of extra-curricular activities with different pick up times etc. We needed to stay in touch with them but were not comfortable giving them access to phones at their age. These watches have made keeping in contact safe and easy, they are a game changer!
We contacted Mia from Moochies Aust and she has been amazing in assisting us, gettining us set up and answering all our questions.
Thank you Moochies!

Amazing customer service

July 2018
Mia has been Outstanding in helping me resolve the issues I had. i highly recommend the moochies smart watch for your child

Excellent customer service

July 2018
Mia assisted me in getting through the late postage, compensations until setting up the two watches via emails even after hours. Thumbs up for Mia’s great work.

Watch parts

June 2018
We had a problem with the rubber part that covers the sim slot Mia was more then helpful and got it sorted for me very quickly. Thank you Mia you made our transaction very easy

Excellent customer service

June 2018
Had a problem on the first Moochies but Mia helped me with my concerns. A brand new Moochies been sent very fast and she do the after care as well. Step by step instructions has been sent to me and my son is happy to have his Moochies back. Thank you Mia.

Best customer service ever =)

June 2018
Hi Mia.. Just want to personally Thank you for helping me with my purchase and going through the process to set it up step by step making it so much easier for me. =) The kids are extremely happy with the watch, my son would not take it off during the day and straight putting the watch to charge before he goes to sleep.. =) thank you. Great watch for kids, =)


June 2018
I brought a moochie had a little trouble setting it up, thought i was doomed but emailed moochie and mia helped me step by step it was very easy to fix, so its all up and ready to go now, very pleased as i brought this for my sons bday next week oh and shipping was super fast. thank you moochie

Fantastic Service

June 2018
Jeremy W
My son has had a Moochies for about 2 months. Recently the screen stoped being responsive, I sent an email to support and Mia got back to me straight away. She asked if I could send the watch back to them and gave very clear instructions on what to do so they could work on the watch. Sent the watch back on Monday 4th June and received a brand new watch as a replacement on Friday 8th.
Mia was helpful during the whole process and really went out of her way to keep me informed.
Could not have asked for a better level of service; I was already a fan of the watch but having this level of support just confirmed what a great product and company they are.
Thanks again Mia.

Customer service was fantastic

June 2018
I had issues getting set up, and got so many emails from Mia within an hour of first contacting support. She got the issues resolved by the next night and it was made the whole experience much easier to deal with.

Love it

June 2018
My daughter has the Moochies watch and loves it. So easy to use and its great peace of mind i can contact her so easily ! She just loves all the different coloures bands to match her outfits. Mia has been great with any questions and helpful hints

Not as good as they say

June 2018
Poor sound quality.The app doesn't work well. Gps is behind. For the price i paid i'm dissapointed. More upset the app crashes and doesn't fully function. The speak to text has errors. I have re installed app with no fix. For $200 i thought i'd get better.

Happy customer!

June 2018
This is our first ever time trying out the new Moochies watch and we are happy so far. Had a few teething issues, however we had friendly Mia just an email away with her instant responses. She has been perfectly detailed with her helpful hints and addressed every little detail of my concern in the initial set up phase. Thanks Mia for such wonderful customer service.

Great back-up service

May 2018
This is my second Moochie. Only updated because old watch was 2G. Happy with new watch, but I had a couple of issues when initialising SIM. Sent email to Moochies, and received almost immediate response from Mia. The response was thorough and well followed up. Some of the best service I have ever received.

A great tool to give your child a sense of security

May 2018
Rachel M
This is the second Moochies watch I have bought for my eight-year-old child. We recently upgraded due to network changes. After a few teething problems setting up which were fixed immediately by the lovely Mia. We are good to go. My son loves the watch and loves being able to contact me whenever he wants. Mia could not have been more friendly or helpful. No question was to silly. Her answers were prompt and very detailed. Excellent customer service. Very happy customer.

Great Product, Fantastic Customer Service

May 2018
Lisa M
I purchased this for my daughter for her 9th Birthday and I got....
"Best present ever, Best Mum ever!"

It has been fantastic, except for a small issue of the sim/charge port cover being lost. However, I contacted customer service and received a very timely reply, with 12 hours, from Mia who said she could post me one out for Free! I had asked about purchasing one, but was really happy when Mia offered this.

I also mentioned about the battery running low by mid afternoon, Mia gave great insight and knowledge of the product, and explained about the tracking draining the battery if set too frequently. Well I had it set at every minute, which really is a bit over the top as there was no way i was even looking at where she was minute by minute. I changed it to every 10 minutes and the battery has been well and truly lasting the whole day, often going on to charge still with 70 %.

My daughter loves it, I love it, my family thinks it is fantastic, and my daughter's teacher loves it.

Great Idea, great product, great customer service (Thanks heaps Mia!)

Awesome watch and great customer service

May 2018
WOW! Our family LOVE these watches. After looking at them for some time, we finally bought two. Both my children love them and I love being able to send msgs to them when they are staying with friends or family. GPS tracking is great, camera works well and overall a great introduction to a phone with piece of mind that they aren’t going to accidentally call 000! Any questions I’ve emailed through have been responded to promptly with great customer service. Highly recommend.

Watch & Customer service

May 2018
Jody B
We’ve owned a Moochies watch for about a year now... I feel the watch itself could go with a little more quality put into them, but the idea of the watch is FANTASTIC, when we have reception and the watch is working it’s been a very handy device for us and our 10yo. Battery can drain quite quickly when no reception tho...
As for customer service I’d like to give Moochies a very big wrap, especially ZAINAB... We have been treated with the most respect and understanding I have ever experienced from any business or company in our time.

5Star customer service

May 2018
Can't fault Zainab, has constantly and quickly answered all my questions in detail, doesn't make me feel like a bother and seems genuinely happy to help me sort out any issues.
A little feedback on the watches, they are a super idea, but could use a more detailed instruction booklet. But if you do need any help don't hesitate to contact them cause the service is amazing!

Excellent customer service

May 2018
I bought for my son this watch for Christmas. There was a problem with the watch so they suggested immediately to exchange it for an upgraded one. Then I struggled to connect it with the phone and to understand how it works but Zainab was a massive help all the way through!! From the first moment she was answering all my questions/emails (and they were a lot) with no complaints. Thank you very much for all your support Zainab!!

Great customer service

May 2018
I had a charging issue with my daughters moochie and Zainab has gone above and beyond
Our issue couldn't be solved so a new watch has been organized, amazing service and I was shocked at how quickly the new watch was offered
Zainab is a great asset to your company, easy to deal with and very polite and helpful, I would recommend this product purely on the fact on the customer service I have received from Zainab

Great service

May 2018
My sons both love there Moochies watches when we had a small problem with the band I contacted the support via email I was put in contact with Zainab who replied back to me extremely quickly and couldn’t have been more helpful! Thank you for your great customer service Zainab much appreciated!!

Review of customer service

April 2018
The watch we purchased for Xmas stopped working. I emailed Zainab for some advice. We were posted out a new charging unit within 2 days and problem solved. Excellent customer services can’t do enough for you

Great for kids and parents!

April 2018
Customer service was fantastic when I had teething problems. I bought two Moochies watches for my children and was able to set up daughter's but had a minor issue with my son's, which was easily fixed with the explicit instructions from Zainab via email. I also had an issue with one of the prepaid SIM cards and had to make 3 phone calls to Optus to get it activated, despite being told by others it would be working. So make sure the SIM cards are working before trying to activate the watches to save yourself a lot of frustration. The App is easily to use, GPS works great, lots of other features. Kids are happy and excited and we have peace of mind.

Bought the watch. Fantastic

April 2018
I would like to congratulate Zainab on such wonderful customer service. I had a small issue , (which was my fault ) but it was dealt with immediately upon bringing it to their attention. I couldnt recommend you enough. Keep up your hard work.

Fantastic and very helpful customer service experience

April 2018
Had an issue with the watch, however the quick and concise response from the customer service department specifically Zainab was unparalleled, I can't say enough about how helpful they are to get your product working for you. 10/10.

New Moochies phone

April 2018
I received my new Moochies phone after previously having the original version for my son. I do prefer the older version as it I found it to be less of a distraction for my son with not as many extras on the phone. Overall I had a few teething issues with the new phone but after dealing with Zainab I was put at ease and he was so helpful and easy to deal with. He is definitely an asset as good customer service is hard to find.

Excellent service

April 2018
S. Loh
Zainab has been very responsive and helpful. He explained in details. Not only responsive, friendly and always give extra advice and suggestion to solve my problem. Highly recommended.

A wonderful product

April 2018
Zainab has been wonderful. Customer service can't be faulted. Excellent product. I can contact my 8 year old newly diagnosed diabetic son and he can contact me whenever he wants without me worrying he's going to lose a phone. In my haste to buy one I didn't see they had a buy one get one half price. I contacted them on the off chance they would do it.. Of course, nothing is a problem. Now both my sons can have one and his twin brother doesn't feel left out. My one wish for future development would possibly be an earphone jack or something because I have found that I can hear his messages but he can't hear mine that well - that being said he's usually around noisy kids :) I actually love that it has no games and you can't download apps etc because all we need is communication - not entertainment. Love it can't recommend it highly enough and have recommended on various Facebook groups I am a member in for people who would benefit from it.

Good one... really useful

April 2018
Really a great technology and also to connect with kids as well as the parents..... really thanks zanib.. for your fast replay... appreciate that

Great product

April 2018
Zahlee J
After speaking with Zanaib in customer service l was very excited to receive my Moochie. It was quick delivery, easy to get app & install. I am really happy with the product and will definitely recommend.

Brilliant customer service

April 2018
Zainab Is fast, friendly and resolved my issue beyond my expectations. Good customer service is rare these days, and because of my experience I would have no issue adding to the two Moochies watches I already have in the future.

Loving everything about my Moochie

April 2018
Oliver O
Amazing service, amazing product. Fantastic customer service from Zainab. We love the features, especially the SOS alert & tracker. Highly recommend this product


April 2018
In love with our watches very helpful to be in touch with your kid and very easy to use.

Thank you Zainab for a great service we cannot complain everything is perfect.

A piece that gives parents piece of mind...

April 2018
As a parent, Moochies watch is an amazing product for both parents and kids. You can keep track of your little ones when you’re out & about and at the same time take control of what they do with their mobile watch. My kids didnt take their hands off it as soon as I purchased them, they are enjoying every feature of it. And the good thing about it as well is that it is user friendly.

Great product with excellent customer service

April 2018
Have had a older model for my child but upgraded due to extra the features
We had a slight hiccup with the new one I contacted customer service (Zaniab) and it was sorted straight out
Great customer service from a good product

Great product with excellent customer service

April 2018
Excellent product and AMAZING service from Zainab!
I have to say I have never experienced customer service anywhere near as good as that received from Zainab! Every email was replied to promptly when we experienced an issue with our watch, and when the watch we were returning to be inspected was lost by the courier company Zainab offered to replace it with the latest model! Every response was friendly and personal, and Zainab could not have done any more - simply fantastic service.

As for the product itself, with both myself and my Wife working full-time and our daughter going to a childminder after school we simply couldn't live without it now! Being able to see when she's got there and then contact her whenever we want is so reassuring!

Highly recommended for both the product and exceptional customer service - thanks Zainab!

Unbelievable service, AMAZING!!!

April 2018
Absolutely brilliant service from Zainab. I purchased a pre-loved Moochies watch so had numerous issues trying to reset all the data & settings myself. Zainab replied to over 10 emails from me and was so patient and helpful. Miss 5 is now wearing her fabulous watch and mummy has peace of mind when she’s traveling to & from school. Definitely the best customer service I’ve experienced in a very long time. Thanks again!!

Excellent customer service

April 2018
Zainab has done his best and did accomplish to resolve my enquiry with the purchasing of 2 new watches. Great service, thank you Zainab!

Fantastic product and service

April 2018
Thank you Moochies for a wonderful product that gives me peace of mind. Also a big thank you to Zainab who provides fast, reliable and friendly service. We had an issue with the watch, but Zainab resolved for us and made the process very easy and hassle free!

Outstanding customer service

April 2018
Zainab has gone above and beyond to help us with a couple of minor issues, no matter our questions Zainab has always promptly responded it is wonderful peace of mind to know they have our complete satisfaction with this product as their priority, nothing is too much trouble

Life saver!

March 2018
We have had so much peace of mind since our daughter started wearing a Moochies watch! The features are outstanding and our daughter is much more organised.

Fantastic watch ! Great to keep your child safe.

March 2018
Fantastic service from Zainab ! Thank you. Extremely fast delivery and great communication. Was kept advised from order to arrival . Fantastic product this is my 2nd Moochies Watch would be lost without one, gives me peace of mind.

Amazing product and after sales customer service

March 2018
I purchased a Moochie for my 10 year old daughter. The watch is everything we expected and more. It performs exactly as described and the changeable straps makes it lots of fun. The after sales customer service was fantastic. In particular Zainab who was very helpful and responded very quickly. Would highly recommend this product.

Great product. Great peace of mind

March 2018
Since having this watch I know my son can contact me at any time. I always know where he is. He loves the colored bands.
It works really well. Highly recommend. Zainab was very friendly and helpful too

Perfect for children

March 2018
Loving our Moochies watch for my 8 year old. Zainab from customer service helped us set it all up straight away.
It's great for calling, messaging, the camera & video, maths games, gps tracking, alarm, and pedometer and more. Also special sos button.
No internet access so it's perfect for children.
My daughter feels safe with her watch and has stopped asking for a phone.

What a Fantastic device!

March 2018
With my daughter starting highschool soon, She's been nagging for a mobile. Stumbled across Moochies and thought Perfect!
Zainab has been there to answer all questions to get us connected to this awesome device. Perfect to keep track on your child whilst giving them some independence!

Excellent after service.

March 2018
Zainab was a great help in replacing my faulty strap on my son’s watch.
Thanks. I can’t wait for it to arrive so he can wear it again

Great support from Zainab

March 2018
As I was in the process of purchasing our second Moochies watch, I had a lot of technical questions. Zainab happily helped me with patience and was always straight back to me with solutions. We will continue to spread the word about this amazing product to help our son learn independence, whilst allowing us to feel he is safe. Just brilliant. Thank you Zainab.

The watch has been crucial for us

March 2018
The watch has been so easy for my son to use. And he uses it everyday. It’s been so much easier arranging pickup from his after school sport and activities as he can ring me to let me know when they are finishing
The customer service I’ve had from zaniab has been fantastic when needing a new charger

Zainab is amazing

March 2018
The customer service that I've experienced with Moochies over the last 18 mths has been second to none. Every time I've contacted them they have replied quickly and with great integrity. My son loves his watch and it gives him the freedom he needs and us great peace of mind. Any issues we have had Zainab has put our mind at ease and very quickly solved our problem. I cannot recommend this was watch enough and I am blown away with the customer service I've received from Zainab.
It's an amazing product backed by amazing customer service.
Thanks Zanaib!

Excellent customer service

March 2018
Juliet M
Love the watches for my kids.Have had a few minor problems but Zainab has been incredibly helpful in getting it sorted quickly .

Very fast reply to every email sent.
Thanks Zainab. You are a great asset to your team.

Very helpful customer service from Zainab

March 2018
My son has loved using his Moochies watch and it's kept my husband & I in close communication with him when he's not with us. We had an issue with the battery not recharging after a couple of months of use but this was handled extremely professionally and very quickly by Zainab. I've recommended Moochies watches to friends with young kids. Such a great invention!

Excellent customer service

March 2018
I recently purchased a moochies watch for my son, and had a few issues. The response from Zainab was prompt and covered everything i needed very thoroughly. I was very surprised and grateful. Thankyou again for your help Zainab.

Amazing Customer Service

March 2018
I recently sent a email through with some questions regarding my concern about my daughters current Moochie. I received a reply from Zainab who was amazing she answered my questions and went above and beyond with her customer service if only there was a Zainab everywhere. Lets just say due to this amazing service I just purchased another 2 Moochies for my kids.

Excellent watch, excellent customer service

March 2018
Han T
I have just received a second watch for my son as the first watch no longer works because it is 2g.
I was very frustrated about this at first because it meant having to fork out a lot of money suddenly to buy my son a new watch. But the customer service was great- a man named Zainab was brilliant and very understanding of my financial situation and offered free items and a fantastic rebate so I can cover the cost of the watch.
We are still working out the new watch but from what I can tell it will great. Me and my son rely on this watch as my disability prevents me from always getting him to school so this way he can go himself and I know he is safe. - and he is too young for an actual phone.

Thank you Zainab for being so helpful- you deserve a raise!!

Really like the watch.

March 2018
Really like the watch. Delivery took 2days only to Melbourne. Just had few questions regarding connection between phone and watch. As the phone doesnt recognize the location, and chats to the watch. Not sure what i did wrong. But sim is already activated and loaded. Hope to hear from them soon!

Excellent Customer Service

March 2018
I have highly recommended Moochies since we bought ours in 2016 with a few friends purchasing them also. However with the issues experienced I was starting to feel a little let down. Thank you for restoring my faith in Moochies, Zainab.
I work in the customer service sector and would like to say that anytime I have had to contact Moochies Zainab has replied extremely fast and has always made sure my issues were addressed with professionalism, if not resolved, I felt respected and heard.
This is rare these days in customer service so I would like you to accept my sincerest thanks and please pass onto your supervisor as exceptional customer service should be recognized.
I would just like to suggest that Moochies contact all of their customers with the original outdated phones for the upgrade as you may have a lot of customers (I know of at least three) who are unaware that they can upgrade or that the 2g network is no longer available.
Again thank you for your help resolving this issue. I look forward to the new watches arriving

Excellent Customer Service

March 2018
Charlie T
Had an issue with the watch charger and it was just out of warranty. Emailed support and got a quick response saying that they'd send me a replacement charger for free. Zainab was polite and professional. As for the watch, it does everything it claims and gives me extra piece of mind when my son is away from home. Well done guys!

Good product, great service

March 2018
I bought the watch for my daughter at Christmas and we have had a few hiccups along the way but at every stage the customer service has been prompt and has resolved my issues. The latest one being a replacement watch within days of reporting the issue. Zainab has been exceptional and I very much appreciate his friendly prompt service. My daughter loves the watch and while it could be enhanced it does what it needs to do! We have actually been a bit lost without it while it was offline!!! Thanks again!

Customer service exceptional!

March 2018
Lence K
Had the most exceptional customer service from Zainab who helped me with my order. Nothing was too difficult and Zainab kept me updated the whole time.

life saver !

March 2018
Simm M
Am really relieved to have found this watch/tracker as certainly has helped lower my families anxieties when out. Also provided more independance to my younger kiddo who wears it.
Easily to connect mobile device to, only downside i had is instruction booklet rather minimal and seeking help only via email, no contact number.


March 2018
Hi. 1st time bought Moochies for my kids and I was so happy with service provided by Zainab. No delay in response and good support.
Appreciate your help.

Good product, great customer service

March 2018
I bought 2 Moochies watches and have been very happy with them so far. There are few minor hiccups with functionality (such as the Do Not Disturb function not working all the time) but for the most part they have been great. The quality of the watches themselves could do with improvement; both have small cracks on the screen and one of the straps broke. I understand that kids will be a bit rougher than normal but the watches should be built with this in mind. Every time I've contacted Moochies I've had great customer service. I've dealt with Ryan and Zainab and both have been very helpful and have dealt with my issue quickly.

Excellent service

March 2018
I inquired Moochies because I had a few concerns and they were all dealt professionally, and promptly yet with much empathy and just great customer service by Zainab! Moochies has helped make us parents’ lives easier. Pick ups after school or just anywhere were great if we were to be late or to wait at certain locations with just a call. I can set up unlimited alarms with labels for any day reminding for piano or violin lessons or after school activities. Class modes helped us make sure child is not distracted by watch in class. The ability to configure the settings from my phone to his watch while he is at school is awesome. With all these features the cost of the watch is pretty reasonable.

Great customer service

March 2018
Zainab was so helpful in getting my moochies watch working. very clear instructions were given and in a timely manner. I really appreciate the 10/10 customer service

Great product for kids and excellent customer service

March 2018
This watch is perfect if you aren’t ready for your child to have a phone but want to be able to reach them, for example on their way home from school. I love that my son can send me voice messages or I can remind him to catch the bus home etc. Great customer service from Zainab who was quick to rectify an issue we had and prompt to answer any questions. You won’t regret this purchase for your child

Terrific support

February 2018
The support and help i have received by Zainab has been enquiries were always replied to promptly as well.I have been very happy with the service and help he has offered.A credit to the company

Happy overall.

February 2018
I now have peace of mind, knowing my son can contact me whenever he needs to. It is great for young kids if you don't want them to have a smart phone. It doesn't have the best GPS locating or reception when indoors and the call quality is not the greatest but it does what I need it to. I have also been told that it works best with Vodafone which I am not using.
Also, the recent customer service, from Zainab was excellent. I was sent missing pins to fix my son's watch straight away when it got hit with a ball at school.

One of the best investments i have ever made!

February 2018
I am totally thrilled with my daughter's Moochies watch. It is the best investment we have ever made. My daughter loves the fact she can now not only contact me when needed, but how easy it is to use. The different types of straps is also fantastic she has co-ordinated her watch to her clothes on many occasions. Our Moochies Customer Contact Zainab, went completely above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our Moochies Watch and is a credit to Moochies. Its a brilliant idea and recommend this product very highly.


February 2018
Ordered my daughters watch , arrived a couple of days later .. had a slight bump when setting up, I emailed the team and was responded to a couple of hours later by [name removed] .. my problem was solved and by the morning and my daughter could could wear to school the next day .. works perfectly because of the speedy response from [name removed] and the team

Thanks guys ✌

Very happy with customer service

February 2018
Adam M
I had an issue with network connectivity with my device. After trying (unsuccessfully) the fixes offered by email, I returned the watch by mail, the issues were promptly fixed and I had a working device a few days later. Device was turned around the same day.

Great job Zainab, thank you for helping make my boy’s Birthday special.

Fantastic products, Communication, second to none

February 2018
Team Moochies have been fantastic, prompt and very helpful with queries I have had. At first I had connection issues that were due to the Telstra network. Once Team Moochies were notified they were quick to help me recitify the problem and offered me free 2 x screen protectors and 2 x free watch straps and also offered to reimburse the money I had spent if 2 Telstra sim starter packs. Wow. My Boys are ages 8 and 10 and are not reliable to have phones as such. Their school friends are ooooo-ing and aaaaaah-omg over their watches and it’s a good feeling. Team Moochies 10/10

Absolutely love it!

February 2018
I have purchased 5 moochies in total and think they are a fantastic idea for my sons. The concept is awesome.
Whilst one of them was faulty I contacted moochies and they were more than happy to send me the new updated version. I found they’re service to be impeccable. My kids love them and I strongly recommend buying them for your kids or purchasing it for a gift.

Good, functional watch and excellent communication

February 2018
It's a good functional watch, just right for my 9 yo. Pre-ordered it on Oct17 with promise to arrive by Nov17. Didn't arrive on time but had great respond and explanation from costumer service. Received the newest model in Dec17 with camera, extra strap and nano chip without added cost. After working perfectly about a week, the connection between watch and the app in my phone stopped working, emailed the costumer service, got respond and resolved within 24 hrs!! I didn't expect to get respond straight away specially it was during Christmas holiday!! I am very impressed and happy with the communication I had with them. Special shout out for Kaue and Ryan thank you for your help.

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