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Where It All Started

The Moochies Phone Watch for Kids was conceived in a shopping mall in Australia in 2015. On a shopping trip with his sister, our co-founder's, six year old niece ran off into the crowds of the centre.

It was only for a few seconds but Ryan witnessed firsthand the stress that Tallulah running off caused his sister. It started him thinking about a modern solution that could give kids the freedom to be kids, while bringing peace of mind to their parents.

A cell phone seemed like the obvious solution, but too expensive with monthly contracts, and too big for smaller children. A smartwatch seemed like the perfect fix. Wearable so it wouldn't be lost or forgotten, with features that could be designed to help in other ways.

The first Moochies Phone Watch launched in 2016 in Australia, and our features have only continued to grow as we’ve launched in more countries.

Designed for safety, Moochies is lightweight but sturdy for everyday wear without being a hindrance. As the dangers that cell phones present to children have become clearer over the years, Moochies has continued to innovate with new solutions to keep children safe while giving them the freedom and independence they need to grow. All the while keeping the most important aspect we have held to from the beginning -- Moochies are fun!

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Moochies Core Values

The Value of Childhood

At Moochies, we believe the value of childhood is immeasurable and we strive to give children the safety needed to really let kids be kids.

Moochies’ Respect and Freedom Circle

We believe in freedom for children, giving them the room to grow with safety and independence, and the freedom for all of Moochies team to truly be themselves.

Making Innovation and Safety FUN!

The words innovation and safety would bore anyone. At Moochies, one of our core values is to take both innovation and safety and make them fun!

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30 Day Returns

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If your Moochies develops a hardware or software fault, we will replace your Moochies Phone Watch cost-free for 12-Months.

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