Moochies for Social and Environmental Good

Here at Moochies, we believe the planet belongs to the next generation. That’s why we have two current charity initiatives to support children in need and our planet.

Since March 2021, Moochies has been committed to donating to children in vulnerable communities through ShareTheMeal, a part of the World Food Programme. The WFP provides life saving meals as well as emergency assistance to over 30 different countries worldwide.

We also work with RePurpose Global to remove ocean-bound plastics from the environment. When you shop our range of phone watches or accessories, you're helping us to do this simply by shopping. For all plastic we use, in every single one of our products, our production, and our distribution, we remove the same weight of plastic from coastlines, working with RePurpose Global.

Keep scrolling to see more about how we work with rePurpose Global and our impact through ShareTheMeal.

Over 600 Meals Donated

For every online review, we donate a meal to a child in need. Scroll down to see more about our impact.

Certified Plastic Neutral

We work with RePurpose Global to minimise our environmental impact. Read below to find out more.

Growing Everyday!

Everyday, our social and environmental impact grows. We're committed to reassessing our impact at least every three months.

Plastic-Neutral, Helping Leave a Cleaner Planet for Our Kids

Plastic-Neutral, Helping Leave a Cleaner Planet for Our Kids

We work with RePurpose Global to offset our plastic footprint and provide a better world for our kids. All Moochies products are plastic-neutral, from our watches, to all our accessories.

RePurpose Global finances plastic recycling plants around the world, for both environmental and social good. When you buy from Moochies, you’re helping recycle plastic waste around the world, as well as providing real socioeconomic help to vulnerable communities.

Donating to the World Food Programme through ShareTheMeal, we’ve been able to provide take-home food baskets to young girls in Guinea to help empower them with their education; help families in the Democratic Republic of Congo, giving specialised food supplies to help prevent and treat malnutrition in children; and provide lifesaving food and school meals to conflict-affected families in Syria.

For every online review globally, we're committed to donating a meal to a child in need. Thirty seconds of your time can make a difference.

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