The Best 4G Smartwatch Phone for Kids

With features designed around safety, giving you peace of mind and your child the independence to grow.

And the FREE MyMoochies Guardian App on your smartphone, connecting you to your child.

Make Your Moochies Your Own

Every child is unique, with their own style, personality and tastes. That’s why we have a range of swappable straps that your child will love.

No Lock-In Contract SIM Plans

No lock-in contracts, no hidden fees, ever! That's our promise to you. All costs and fees are upfront so they'll never be any surprises on your bill.

Don't Let the Rain Get You Down

Never worry about rain, sweat or splashes
Let your child play in the water with confidence. All Moochies Phone Watches are Water Resistant


Never forget the important things

On the Moochies Phone Watch, set alarms for anything you need: Time to wake up, homework reminders, appointments, medication reminders – the list is endless!


Send texts, voice messages & more

Keep in touch with text, photos, emojis and voice messages. With the Moochies Phone Watch send and receive text and voice messages, emojis and even photos.

Voice Calling

Just a phone call away

With a safe contact list that you set; control who can call or be called by the Moochies Phone Watch. Grandma and grandpa? Yes! Strangers? No!

No Social Media

No social media or browser access for safety online

Protect your child from the dangers of both social media and the internet. With no internet access, they won't be able to access anything they shouldn't unsupervised.

Step Tracker

Your child can track their activity level

Know your child's steps through their MyMoochies App. The Moochies Phone Watch for kids comes with an inbuilt step tracker.

Class Mode

No distractions while they're learning

Let your kid focus on the important stuff without distractions. Class mode disables all features besides SOS alerts, so they can learn and concentrate without interruptions.

SOS Alerts

The freedom to be safe

At the simple click of a button, everyone on your child’s safe contact list will receive a live GPS location as well as a 30 second audio recording of your child’s surroundings.


Capture the happy moments

Capture and share memories with a built-in, front-facing camera in the Moochies Phone Watch. Let them take selfies and more with the Moochies camera.

Video Calling

Video call friends and family

Through the MyMoochies app, you can do video calls with your child! And let them video call family and friends in the safe contact list.

Live GPS Location

Never worry about rain or splashes

With built in live GPS location tracking, the Moochies Phone Watch can track your child’s location anywhere in the world. Always know where your child is.

IP68 Waterproof

Never worry about rain or splashes

Moochies Odyssey is IP68 waterproof, up to a 1m depth for 30 minutes, so your child can play in water with confidence.

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4g Active
Battery Life
GPS Tracking
Voice Calls
Video Calls
Safe Zones
SOS Alerts
Class Mode
Swappable Straps
Step Tracker
Bluetooth Accessories
Heart Rate Monitor
Temperature Monitor
750 mAh
730 mAh

30 Day Returns

Changed your mind? You can return your Moochies Phone Watch for 30 days from time of purchase. Terms apply.

12-Month Fault Warranty

If your Moochies develops a hardware or software fault, we will replace your Moochies Phone Watch cost-free for 12-Months.

24/7 Live Online Support

Our customer service team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help with any enquiry.

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